BASOS                                    Registered charity no: 20050112005        "Animal rights Bulgaria-foundation"

*Site still currently under construction*

Basos stands for Bulgarian Animal SOS. We are a Non-profit Charity organisation promoting animal shelters in Bulgaria and raising awareness of animal cruelty within the country.

We hope to unite everybody who helps animals in Bulgaria and bring this unjust to an end!

We believe that the more people who are aware of the atrocities that happen, the more likely it will come to an end. A lot of people haven't heard of Bulgaria, let alone been  made aware of what happens to the thousands of stray cats and dogs that walk the street. 

We want to hear from anybody and everybody, who either runs a shelter, charity, does general petitions or fund-raising for animals in Bulgaria! BASOS is merely a representation of a collection of people who make a difference, the more we stick together the better the outcome. 

*Breaking news: Today the 13th April 2011, Animal Cruelty in Bulgaria is a criminal offence, this is wonderful news but doesn't mean that animals are safe from harm*


                                                    UNITE, DEFEND AND PROTECT!!

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